RV Fuel Consumption Money Saving Tips

RV Fuel Consumption Money Saving Tips

Reducing RV fuel consumption is becoming more important as fuel prices continue to rise.  Some of the same things you do to save on fuel costs for any other vehicle are the same things to remember to do to reduce your RV fuel consumption.   Our motorhome has a 150 gallon diesel fuel tank which hurts enough on the fill up so we are always trying to increase fuel efficiencty and save money on RV fuel.  If you are pulling a towable, the extra weight will reduce your tow vehicle fuel efficiency.   Here are some tips you may already know and hopefully some new ones you may not have considered:


  • As with any vehicle, slowing down your speed increases fuel efficiency.  Another important aspect of driving your RV slower is you need more time and space to stop an RV due to the extra weight.  Slow down to save money, for safety and to enjoy your RV journey. 


  • When planning your trip, try to find an RV park base camp that is centrally located to several areas where you want to visit. This will save money, if you can stay a week, as many RV parks will give a discount on your site fees if you stay a week or longer – usually the 7th day is free. Also, the less miles you drive/pull your RV, the more fuel you will save.


  • Don’t travel in your RV with full fresh, gray and black tanks as it adds quite a bit of weight which drags down fuel efficiency. Keep enough fresh water in your tanks to get you to your next RV park where you can replenish your supply. This is especially important if you are going to be climbing steep grades.


  • In the hotter months, leave in the cooler hours of early morning when the RV/tow vehicle air conditioning usage will be less; thus, reducing fuel consumption.


  • Don’t overpack or carry items you do not need as it adds unnecessary weight. Overweighting the RV is dangerous and the extra pounds lessens fuel efficiency.


  • Make sure tires are properly inflated to maximize fuel efficiency.


  • Perform regular maintenance and ensure to have the oil, oil filter and air filter changed per manufacturer’s instructions to increase miles per gallon and avoid costly motor repairs.

Keep your RV and/or tow vehicle in good shape by performing regular maintenance, don’t carry extra weight that drags down fuel efficiency, plan your RV trips so your RV stays parked more while you enjoy touring in the towed/tow vehicle and slow down to save fuel and enjoy the journey!

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