RV Cooking & Grilling

RV Cooking And Grilling

 There are a number of gifts to give the chef who loves to cook whether cooking inside or outside of the RV.

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Waring Pro DB60 Portable Double Burner

One of the large useage of propane gas in an RV is cooking.   By using an electric double burner, this reduces the propane usage and most of the time the electricity at your RV site is included in the price of the site – so why not use their electricity!  Another benefit of having a double burner is you can use it outside and keep the heat of cooking out of the RV.

Weber 516002 Q 120 Gas Grill

We use our Weber Baby Q 120 gas grill often as hubby loves to cook out and it keeps the cooking heat out of the RV.  This size is a perfect size for storing in the tow vehicle or the basement of our motorhome but large enough for our cooking needs at approximately 189 square inches of cooking area.

Weber 6507 Rolling Cart

The rolling cart for the Weber Baby Q grill is perfect for those times when an RV park does not have a table at each site which means we would have to put the grill on the ground which is not a comfortable position to cook from.   The cart folds flat and stores easily in the RV basement or tow/towed vehicle.

Weber 16140 BabyQ Rolling Duffel Bag

The rolling duffel bag makes it so easy to store the grill and to remove it from the RV basement or the tow/towed vehicle.  We love ours!

Weber 6501 6-Foot Adapter Hose for Weber Q Series and Gas Go-Anywhere Grills

Since we grill out a lot, the smaller propane canisters were getting expensive to use and we were haveing to purchase new ones frequently.  We purchased this adapter hose to allow us to use a propane tank with the Weber Q 120 instead of the smaller propane canisters. We usually keep a couple of the canisters on hand  just in case we run out of propane in the tank before dinner is done.

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