Recommended Items To Carry In Your RV

Recommended Items To Carry In Your RV


  • Have a first aid kit on board your RV at all times. You can purchase one already stocked or make one yourself that includes band-aids of different sizes, sterile gauze pads and rolls, adhesive tape, antiseptic wipes, antibiotic ointment, rubbing alcohol, thermometer, burn ointment, needle, tweezers, scissors, cotton swabs, over the counter (OTC) pain reliever, and allergy medications if anyone in the family suffers from allergies. If you will be camping in remote areas known to have poisonous snakes, add a snake bit kit.


  • Water quality can vary in different parts of the country and among RV parks. Drink filtered or bottled water and give your pets the same filtered or bottled water to keep their tummies happy.


  • As you travel, you may visit national and state parks and other attractions with primitive restroom facilities. Carry a small package of tissues and hand sanitizing product with you on your sightseeing trips.


  • Take along change for tolls and laundry. Some RV parks also charge for showers so if you use park showers, you may want to have a mesh bag with your toiletries and some change.


  • No RV should be without duct tape! Two days after I added this tip to the list, we were driving through Calgary Canada when a large hawk collided with our windshield severely damaging it. The windshield did not break through or collapse so we grabbed the duct tape and taped the areas with the smallest shards above the driver’s view to keep them from falling out.


  • With the space limitations in an RV, I like to use the Swiffer Sweeper over a broom, mop and bucket for linoleum and tile floors. I have an older model Swiffer Sweeper but the newer ones still have a handle/pad holder that disassembles into five pieces. Disassembled I can store my handle/pad holder and one package of 24 wet cloths and a few dry cloths in a Rubbermaid storage box that measures approximately 8.25” x 13.5” across the lid. It takes up less storage than the broom, mop and bucket.


  • Keep a whisk broom handy for the quick sweeping of RV steps to minimize the tracking of dirt, leaves and cut grass into the RV.  I keep one in the glove compartment.

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