Tips On Setting Up Your RV In Your New Location

Tips For Setting Up Your RV In Your New Location


  • If you have slide-outs on your RV, know the width of the slide-out fully extended. Some RV sites are narrow and can have obstructions such as trees that the slide-outs can hit. I know that if I put my fingers of one hand on the motorhome and the obstruction is further away than the length of my finger tips to my shoulder, the slide-out will clear the obstruction. We have never been in a site that was so close to my arms length test that we have actually had to measure it.


  • Before hooking up the water connections at an RV park, spray the park’s water spigot with Lysol or a water/bleach solution and then rinse.


  • Purchase a box of the thin disposable gloves or heavy duty rubber gloves to use while hooking up and dumping the gray and black tanks and heavy duty work gloves for hooking up the towable or toad.


  • I am always amazed at how some RV parks place the hook-ups. Sometimes one hook-up will be at the front of the site while the other hook-ups will be at the back of the site. Carry a couple of extra water hoses, sewer hoses and electrical cords. Pack two 25 feet water hoses instead of one 50 foot hose. Also, carry shorter extensions of electrical cords so you use only the length you need. The longer the cord, the more the power voltage drop. We carry a 20’, 10’ and 5’ sewer hoses. Shorter hoses and cords are easier to handle.

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