Recommended RV & Travel Products

We have purchased a number of products for our RV travel safety and enjoyment.  Below we have listed some of our favorite products.  We hope these recommendations help you in your purchasing decisions.

Gas Grill Recommendation

We grill out a lot while RVing. That is one of the great advantages of taking your home with you vs a hotel room – you can enjoy the great outdoors and cook your own meals! Having a grill is especially useful in the summer months as it allows us to cook outside and avoid heating up the RV by cooking on the stove or in the oven.

We have owned Weber grills at home for many years and we will never own another brand – we have been that pleased with their products. When we saw that they had a smaller portable gas grill that would be perfect for taking with us in the RV, we had to have one!

Weber 516501 Q 120 Portable 189-Square-Inch 8500-BTU Liquid-Propane Gas Grill

We have an older model of the “Baby Q” as it is referred to.  We have had ours for years and we still use it regularly with no problems.  We love it as it is a perfect size for storing in the tow vehicle or the basement of our motorhome but large enough for our cooking needs at approximately 189 square inches of cooking area.  We get the high Weber quality in a smaller gas grill.  We chose the Model 120 for the two fold out work tables (as Weber calls them) with the tool holders.   This is a great feature if you are at an RV site that does not provide a table or if you decide to stop by the roadside and grill lunch. When we purchased our Baby Q in 2006 (and it is still going strong!), we saw very few of them at other RVer sites.  Now it seems that we see them at many sites in RV parks so we are not the only RVers who found the perfect combination of quality, size and convenience in this grill.

Weber 6549 Weber Q Rolling Cart

We purchased the rolling cart for our Weber Baby Q grill for those times when an RV park did not have a table at each site which means we would have to put the grill on the ground. The cart folds flat and stores easily in the motorhome or toad.

Weber 6550 Vinyl Cover for Weber Baby Q, Q-100 and Q-120 Grills

The vinyl Weber grill cover will protect your grill from the elements and make for tidier storage in your RV or tow/towed vehicle.

Weber 6501 6-Foot Adapter Hose for Weber Q Series and Gas Go-Anywhere Grills

This adapter hose will allow you to use a propane tank with the Weber Q 120 instead of the smaller propane canisters.  We usually keep a couple of the canisters on hand as a back up just in case we run out of propane in the tank before we are finished cooking.


 Folding Step Recommendation

Safety Step F-08C-BLK 14″ x 19″ Black Large Folding Safety Step

We have used the Safety Step Folding Step Stool both as a step and as a stool for years.  Terrain at RV parks and when boondocking can vary greatly.  We have encountered RV sites that, once we have set-up, the slope of the ground on the door side of the RV makes that last step to the ground down a real whooper and difficult to step up from the ground!  Having a sturdy folding step that is easy to carry and safe to use when the RV step becomes  too high to safely navigate is essential.  The fact that the step stool legs fold up and stores easily makes it perfect for RVs.   We have had our step stool for so many years so I’m not sure if the company makes the same exact model as we carry as our step in the original box and I did not find a model number on the box to recommend the exact model.   The step pictured above is very similar, if not the same,  as the one we have.  It has the same 14″ x 19″ platform with non-skid strips on the platform (very important for those rainy days or dewy mornings that can cause steps to be wet and slippery!) and double-locking safety legs.  It  has been tested to hold 1,000 pounds.  I really like the way the legs are angled out vs being straight which adds stability.   The step stool can also be used as a stool when you need to sit down to access the basement of your RV.   Click here for more information and other users reviews on the Safety Step.


Storage Product Recommendation

Space Bag 10 Piece Super Value Pack

We absolutely love the Space Bags and they are perfect for the limited RV storage space.  Since we travel for months at a time while crossing the U.S., we cross into different seasons so we use the Space Bags to store off-season clothing such as coats, sweaters and sweatshirts.  After putting the clothing in a Space Bag, I put them in a storage box (uniform storage boxes makes stacking more efficient) and store in the basement until we need them in colder weather.  We also use them to store an extra blanket and towels.  Buying them in the value pack with the various sizes is a real money saver!

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Featured Destination

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