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Welcome to Love-To-RV.com!  Whether your travel plans include weekend getaways from the hustle and bustle of daily life to relax and breathe the fresh country air, take vacations to see our majestic mountains or glorious beaches, visit the wonders of our National Parks, work camp, go south for the winter or travel this country full-time, you can take your “home” with you as you travel by way of a recreational vehicle (RV).   In our opinion, it is the best way to travel.

I began camping with my husband, Taylor, in the early 1980s in his Airstream travel trailer.   In those days, we spent many weekends camping in Tennessee state parks sitting around a camp fire with good food and good friends.  In the mornings, we would gather as one of our friends would cook breakfast outside on a Coleman stove.  Those were some of the best breakfasts I have ever eaten!

Most of the RVs we saw in the early 1980s were travel trailers and we encountered very few motorhomes.   RVs today offer many more choices and come in a myriad of shapes, sizes, styles and many include most of the amenities of home.  And, today, more people are taking to the full time RV lifestyle, selling the stick house in favor of the freedom to roam our country in an RV.  

Today we travel the highways and byways in a 2000 Newmar Mountainaire 40 foot diesel pusher motorhome.  We have traveled tens of thousands of miles across the U. S. in our RV.   The allure of the RV lifestyle for us is the ability to have the convenience of our home with us as we travel and see different landscapes, stop for lunch by a mountain stream or sit outside to view each day’s different sunrise and sunset.  The view changes often.

We hope you enjoy your RV travels as much as we have enjoyed our adventures.  The journey in an RV can be just as rewarding as the destination.  Whether you travel to interesting places, spend time with your children fishing at an RV park lake or river, roast marshmallows on an open camp fire, or spend quiet time watching a sunrise or sunset, your RV adventures will make lifetime memories.

American Flag 3 Reduced .50If your path crosses with one of our military servicemen or servicewomen, whether they served in the past or present, please thank them.  It is because of their sacrifices that we live in a country where we can travel freely and enjoy our RV lifestyle.

We Wish You Safe RV Travels – Enjoy The Journey!

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Yellowstone National Park is my favorite national park so far. There is such a variety of things to see at Yellowstone including wildlife and geological wonders. To fully appreciate the park, you will probably want to spend more than one day as the park is very large. Be sure to see Old Faithful geyser.


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